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MOJO by RashidaShani
this is thr second cover and i like it better i wrote some of the story on my wattpad account
the twisted kingdom hearts fairy tale by RashidaShani
the twisted kingdom hearts fairy tale
i thought of this story in which kingdom heartd everything is the same expect disney is replaced with brother's grimm versions of it and so i made like a alternate universe where SORA is my character Crayn and he has a brother named Virgil and sister named Natara based off xion and vanitas. the key balde is replaced and instead of the blade becoming important i used the crown. and sora is known as the suit of heartsthe crown sets the magical powers in order. so when it came times for Crayn/SORA TO HOLD THE CROWN he mentally rejected it and because the crown became to heavy metaphoricaly. meaning tje responsible of holding the crown was to great for him. I symbolized the fact that a child is given so much responsibly that he loses his head under pressure. so xion/natara takes his place literally saving sora from losing his head. and since xion is called a puppet i made it so that her neck snaps under pressure and xaldin who is named denzel in my version takes a piece of hid braid and used a needle given to him by the fairy god mother and sows xion's head back on.
and that's part of my tale. i purposefully crushed my own childhood

Collage 2014-08-08 21 23 12 by RashidaShani
Collage 2014-08-08 21 23 12
Wattpad Book Covers I did for myself
-Wonderland Syndrome (On Wattpad
-Sweet Like
-Village of Faces (On Wattpad
14069003654651 by RashidaShani
Amateur done book cover design for a story i was thinking about writing
My penname is N.D.Avenue

One hundred and twenty experiments, locked into cells in a underground lab far out beyond the city's reach. Everyone knows it's there, the area is very noticeable with all smog hovering in the distance. The color of the smoke changes every 6 months meaning new experiments are taking place in the labs.

Today's smoke color is blue with a hint of green. Aside from the that, is the main city, between the two is nothing but dried ground and desert and since no one has really left the city to actually see what's beyond it besides the lab, most people assume it's just more land and rock.

The lab was built for soldiers in the military, then again it wasn't even a lab it was hospital meant for the treatment of soldiers. Sometimes...the men and women would get sick. The sickness included, vomiting, painful stomach aches, inflammation of the muscles, numbness in the legs, and nerves that caused the body to curl up or make the hands draw inward.

Once a solider was in so much pain that they did nothing but screamed an entire night. On the fourth night one of the nurses in the hospital was tired of hearing the soldier's cries. She went into his room and was about to give him some pain killers thinking it would help. However, she grabbed the wrong pills from the medicine cabinet.

She handed the sick soldier a glass of water and two pills. The man was in too much pain and desperate to ease that pain he snatch the bottle from the nurse and swallowed all the pills. The nurse tried to stop the man from swallowing the entire bottle in fear he would overdose. The man pushed the nurse away, yelling for her to get off him, and continued to eat all the pills. Once the entire bottle of pain killers were gone, the pain slowly began to ease. The aches and pains were gone, and this made him very happy.

Several doctors came the next day to check on the man, seeing that his illness had been lifted they wanted to keep the solider contained for about a month. They figured that whatever the nurse gave the man was now in his blood and could be used to cure the other sick soldiers. So, they began to drain the soldier's blood and injecting it into others and one by one the soldiers begun to improve thanks to the man's blood. About 1/3 of the soldiers that were kept in care were released while the others who didn't respond well to the treatment were kept at the hospital. One of the Doctors, Doctor Felix Frei, decided to find out why most of the patients were getting worse and not better. The early symptoms had disappeared and were replace with bubbling of the skin creating air holes in the body. These holes in the body took in air causing the body to swell.

The second new symptom was the skin started to become loose and baggy around the face and upper torso as if the skin was melting off. That was not the case, the skeleton itself was deteriorating, internal organs were not affected. The heart continued to beat and pump blood, lungs, kidneys, and liver still functioned properly. Expect, the patients bodies were now lumps of flesh.

Unable to find the reason why, Doctor Felix Frei had all soldiers put out of their miseries. About three months later, the hospital was invaded by government officials for illegal use of harmful drugs. New research found what other doctors didn't bother to investigate. The soldiers that were released from the hospital and were sentenced to death 4 weeks after they were put back on duty, for the murder of multiple squads and camps. The nurse that gave the soldier the pills in the first place was imprisoned for the rest of her life along with Doctor Felix Frei, who later after serving 10 years, escaped with the nurse.

But that's just a myth, no one really knows why the lab is there.

Taken from my wattpad. This is an introduction to a story a wrote on that site.

Imma rewrite it anyhow

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