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Book Cover. Zilya's Silly Patchwork by RashidaShani
Book Cover. Zilya's Silly Patchwork
-Zilya Glinka (Protagonist)
-Patrick Timetables
-Grandfather Clock
-Grandmother Clock
-Clockwise Ernie
-Counterclockwise Billy
-Stop Watch Danny
-Clock Chris and Pendulum Penny

Zilya has an old coocoo clock THAT was given to her by her grandmother. Zilya never thought much of the color until she breaks it for making to much noise. The smashing of the clock has  caused an endless loop and she's opened the time zone, the place where all time is kept in beat older.

Since her grandmother pasted away none of the clocks in the house have been working right. It's up to her granddaughter to find what's exactly wrong and stop the contact looping and dejavu in Russia

Lawful cover by RashidaShani
Lawful cover
Children who live in the wastelands and children who live in the city. The children in the city are made into lethal weapons to actually fight the children of the wastelands for entertainment.

The children of the wastelands make a vaccine for themselves to withstand the Children of the city. When the children of the wasteland realize how strong the vaccine is, they make a plan to march into the main city and take it over.
My eyes fluttered open, i felt something large and fluffy under me. Oh, that's right, uncle and I came into Rat City and we separated because there were drug guards. I rubbed my eyes and shook my hair.

I stretched and looked at Africa, I was sleeping on him the whole time? What was important however, was that I needed to see Sebastian, whoever that may be.

I tapped Africa on the nose to wake up. He gave a great yawn and whimpered. "You wanna come with me?"

He tilted his head in question. "I have to be somewhere and I have to make it there without getting caught"

He stood up and barked. "Africa, I'm high on pink. Do you know what that means?" He only barked twice. "Amazing, it would be funny if animals can take pills", i thought about that. "Really, no, that wouldn't be funny at all"

My leg had stop twitching finally. I needed to take back to uncle Riot, he's probably worried. I have to get my way to Sebastian but I don't remember him. I don't know what his face looks like. Was he like me? Was his hair cut or natural like mines? I didn't know these things about him. I looked at Africa, he was so big compared to my shrunken body of a teenager. He sat down in front of me, I patted his head. "Do you know who Sebastian Okeke is?"

His ears went up in response. I felt a little silly at first for asking a dog, but he surprised me when he barked for me to follow. He led me through the alleys again, I had a hold of his collar. "Where is he Africa?"

He sniffed the air and cut through a back door in a building. Africa got down low and crawled, I did the same and followed him. I smelled the scent of cinnamon buns and chocolate chip. I licked my lips and my stomach growled. Either way I kept moving and Africa went through an open window. I jumped through with him.

He sniffed the ground, I grabbed his collar again. "Where Africa?"

He ran off down another tight alley. I was confused as to where this animal was taking me. Isn't there a story about a little girl following a rodent into a drug trip? I've heard of it before. I heard Africa howl so i followed him, i squeezed through the tight space and popped out in front of a house. Africa scratched the door and howled again.

"Is he here?" I asked.

He wagged his tail. It looked like an old building, a business... a small business. I wonder what my cousin does or did. I peered inside the window to see the place was clean out. There was nothing inside but dusty desk and boxes labeled and a few dozen pill bottles.

Africa was scratching at something on the ground. I bent down and picked it up off the ground. It was a sign. It said, "Moved"


Where? That was the question.

I grabbed Africa by the collar, he went around the building, stood on his hind legs and pressed on the door with his front paws. He popped the door and went inside. There was an upstairs part of the floor with an old bed. Africa proceeded to climb on top and whine. I climbed up there with him, patted his head and assured him it was ok. "Good dog", I said and received a lick on the cheek.

I totally forget the cast on my arm, i hadn't paid it any attention. Africa put his paw on my arm, "i feel in broke it" I said. "The bone snapped in half"

He whimpered as he nuzzled my forearm. The cast around my arm actually felt a bit, I thought if I wiggled my finger under the cast just a little bit it would relieve a little pressure but went I put my finger under the cast, it slid off my arm.

I looked at Africa in shock, he only titled his head. I squeezed my arm... it didn't hurt, I wiggled my fingers. It was all healed. "Did you do something?", I turned to the dog. "Have some magically healing powers?" I joked. He shook his head, I guess he was just as confused as I was.

I already slept yesterday but I still felt tired, I laid my head down thinking I would take a light nap. Uncle will be surprised when he finds out the cast came off.

I woke up to the sound of Africa barking and growling, he was in the bed with me and stood over me lunging at an office. The guard smacked him with a stick, he whined. I tackled the man and took the stick from him. He grabbed it, flipped him iver and tried to hit me. Africa bit him in the neck, pulling and drawing blood. I backed away and went downstairs. I was dawdling for to long.

"Africa!", I shouted and motioned him to follow me out the door. He almost torn off the man's neck, he had blood around his mouth. We raced out the door, and were blocked by a man. Africa growled. "Black and Pink", the man scoffed. "You thought you could just sneak by?" He rose his night stick about to strike me, his hand came down. In my mind I'm just asking for my uncle to come get me. I heard a bing. I had shut my eyes and put my hands over me in defense to cushion the blow.

I opened my eyes and removed my hands. I blinked in surprised. Astonished by the pink shield that supposedly saved me. Africa bounced beside me, happy. The guard has flew back into a wall. His head was bleeding profusely. I touched the shield and it popped like a bubble.

"Africa, did you see that", i said with excitement in my voice. He bounced and wagged his tail. He barked, I had to focus on getting back to uncle. I grabbed Africa by the collar and went through the alley again, he tugged me the opposite way. I looked down the path I was headed to see five guards ahead.

"Alright let's go Africa"

Where he led me was out to the open streets, I forgot about the jacket around my leg and took it apart and shadowed the jacket over me. Probably suspicious, having a a little girl walk down the street with a jacket over her head, and it not even raining.

I turned my attention to Africa. "I need you to do something for me", I told him. "I need you to find my uncle, he's tall and brown. You think you can sniff him out?"

Africa immediately started to sniff the ground and air, he barked. He mouthed my hand and I grabbed him by the collar again.

Did he really know? How could he sense him?

....went into his pocket and pulled out a bandana. It read a faded out name. He wiped my face that was stained with tears...

Oh! As I thought about it, maybe that bandana has my scent on it. Africa tugged me down the street, where was he taking me? He stopped for a moment to look around then crossed a street by a large board that read, 'Train Station', "Is he at the train station?" He asked. Why would he be there? I asked myself. He shook his head. Then where?

Either way he dragged me to the direction of the station. It was crowded with people in business suits, all i saw where whites no blacks. I guess it a twisted perfection.

Everyone looks the same, artificial... They think alike, some even look alike. An ugly perfection, nothing was ever made to do what they were told, born or designed.

In my thoughts Africa was leading me down the end of the platform. There was one train track blocked off and warned with yellow tape. Africa leaped off the platform, dragging me with him and limped his way to the block off platform.

Down here? I was still asking why. Where had he gone?

I followed Africa deep into the tunnel then he stopped, sat down and barked. I squinted my eyes at a faint red glow in the distance. I began to feel a feeling of tiredness and hungry. I sat down in the ground.

It was uncle, giving off a red glow. He raced towards me looking bewildered and worried. He picked me up in his arms and held me close, "oh God my heart nearly stopped", he grasped.

"I found a dog", I said and pointed to Africa with my my castless arm. "It led me to you"

"How did your cast come off?" He asked, ignoring what i said.

"Oh!, uncle! My arm is all better now!", I shouted out, I was so happy to tell him. "And some guards found us in this old building and Africa but one in the neck", i announced very quickly.

"You attacked a cop?"

"He was going to attack me and Africa defended me but...", I said nervously. "When we ran out the building an officer was blocking our way and tired to strike--"

"Are you ok!?"

"Yeah", i exclaimed. "This magic pink bubble blocked his night stick flew him backwards into a wall, i think i may have killed a man uncle. But before that I was trying to hide after you left me and jumped into this condemned building from a roof, I almost didn't make it because my leg started to twitch and hurt really bad--"

"Tingling?" He questioned. He looked heavily concerned, "Are you sure your ok?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm a bit tired and hungry so maybe that's it."

He set me down on the ground and petted the dog. He turned to me, "did you find Sebastian?

I shook my head no. "The building were I got caught by the guards had a fallen 'Moved' sign on it."

He cussed under his breath. "That's the last time I leave you by yourself", he says.

"I'm fine--"

"Last time", he cuts me off. Africa licks my face and I hug his head. "Good dog"

I was sleeping in his arms, we were still in the forest. I woke up just for a moment, he put me down and took his jacket off. "Place this over your head"

"Why?", I questioned.

He picked me back up, looking at his back, I discovered he had a tattoo. It said, "Cotton & Riot", in bold black and cursive. The smoke wasn't as thick now, I assumed we were out of the forest. "Uncle?"

"Do you know where we are? It's Rat Junction City", he stated. I don't know why I got excited, but I felt a sensation of happiness. "You probably don't recall, it's the city with carnivals, you always loved it. You got too big to ride the tea cups."

"Tea cups!", I said excitedly.

He patted me on my back. "Calm down", he chuckled and put me on the ground. "This might not be your favorite place anymore... a lot has changed. It's the 12th city that has the Perfect Ordinance in effect", he said, and took my hand as we marched towards town.

"What's the Perfect Ordinance?", I asked on the way there.

"A sexist, racist law", he said with a bit of aggravation. "Let's say that the old,"Women belong in the Kitchen" joke runs true"

"Why is it Racist?"

He pointed towards a building and didn't say a word. There was a sign that clearly read in bold face. No Blacks, No browns, No colored. No service. My lips formed a straight line, I looked at my uncle. "I count don't I?"

"Yes", he averred. "Don't matter if you brown and bright, you still got black features"

"Is this perfection to them Uncle?"

He nodded and pushed me along, I shrugged my shoulders. Uncle turned a corner and he instantly stopped. He forced me into a space between two buildings. "You can go on your own", he whispered.

I shook my head. "No"

"I won't leave my neicy anywhere but I'm not risking it. Remain in the alleys. You know the route to district 11, it's there in your head. Just remember, you've been through it so many times with your cousin"

"I don't remem--"

"You do remember", he kissed my forehead. "I promise, cross my heart and take a black pill"

"That's not clever..." I gave a modest grin.

"You made it up", he forced me towards the alley. "Find your cousin", he said, and dashed off out of sight. I thought to myself... I don't even know, or at least remember what he looks like. Sebastian. Sebastian...  Okeke. That's our last name, i recollect.

I squished through the space and into an alley two guards standing in front of the opening. I looked at my surroundings for a way out, I could go up but i don't know if my body can handle climbing that high.

I don't like being alone, but I have to learn to make it on my own. I still had uncle's jacket, I proceeded down the opposite way of the alley. There was a bigger space between two buildings that I could go through and alongside it was a pipe. It looked ready to break but I used the jacket to lasso around the pipe and pull myself upward. I heard the pipe squeaking, I just hoped it wouldn't fall apart. 

I could mount the long pipeline up to the roof, but how? I'm stuck now. The pipe is squeaking... I'll take my fortunes. I forced myself up onto the pipe, it bent a bit when i walked on it. I looked at the pipe, it was corroded around the part that was about to break.

I wrapped the jacket about the undamaged pipeline that led to the roof. I gripped it tight and used the jacket to climb my way up. I heard the jacket's sleeve rip, I tried to climb faster. The rusted bottom half of the pipe broke and fell to the ground. That was loud. I climbed fast, i heard the jacket rip again.

I took hold of the edge of the building and pulled myself up to the roof. I rolled over on my back and released a breath of air. That was hard.

Perhaps nobody will catch me from the roofs. Across from the building I was on was a condemned building. I got up on my own two feet and felt a jolt in my right leg. I shook it away as a nerve. Now I have to go over to that condemned building, jump into the window and hide as low as I can. I wonder where my uncle is... I'm not ready to be left on my own once more.

All the same, I'll take my chances. From my starting point, I ran to the other building with as much speed as I could and then just as I was right in mid jump, I felt that jolt again in my right leg. It threw me off, but I managed to catch onto the window ledge. The jolt in my leg turned into pain, I couldn't pull myself up. 

I gritted my teeth together, it hurt, it traveled from my leg to my pelvis, then up the side of my waistline. I wanted to scream. I forced myself to pull myself up into the window and then my leg went out of control.

I couldn't stop it from moving. I took the jacket and wrapped it tightly around my right leg. The pain had subsided but now it was twitching and moving on its own. I sat in the condemned building until it stopped.

I nearly fell asleep, I sat there for so long. I heard of something dropping, like a can. I lifted my head up in alert to the sound, my heart raced; I wasn't ready for anything serious. My leg was still moving on its own... I wouldn't be able to get away efficient enough.

To my surprise it was just a dog. It was a large black dog with a brown pattern on its legs and made tiny brown eyebrows. It was fluffy and had a scratch on its eye. 

He was limping, his back leg wasn't all the way on the ground. Its head perked up when it saw me. It limped towards me, I was a little scared because I wasn't sure what the dog wanted from me. I stayed as still as I could as it came closer, but then it just laid down, like it was tired.

I snickered a little. "Tired?" I asked it.

It looked at me and picked its head up from the ground. He sniffed at me, it whimpered. He crawled just a bit closer to me, it placed it's head on my circle.

"You aren't a threat are you boy?" I petted its black fur. "I guess we both have lame legs", It lifted its head up at me a again, and tried to lick my face. 

"You got a name puppy?" I asked and it raised its neck showing the collar. It said 'Africa', I petted its head, "Nice to meet you Africa.

Africa barked in response. He offered his paw and I shook it.

"I think I have a dog now"

I was asleep in the back of the car, it was a long drive, when we arrived to our destination, he woke me up and carried me inside.

"I can walk ", I said.

He set me down and told me, "don't say a word, just let me do the talking"

I looked around to see where we were. It looked like a condemned building. A business office?

"Where are we?", I asked.

"A bomber site from ten years ago. We have... business here", he said.

He took my hand as we walked in. It was kept rather clean on the first level. "We're taking the stairs, " he lead me to a stairway, near the elevators. I wondered where we were going. I had to think about the definition of Boycott and their whole mission statement. Then I thought about what a cartel was.

"Is this a client?"

"Do you remember a woman named Lucy?"

"I know of her, she was a fired therapist and now a cartel leader"

"Smart. That brain stores a lot of data"

I scowled. "I'm not a machine!"

"You were birthed in one", he remarks. "Now behave and don't talk unless spoken to."

I hate him. He treats me like an animal that needs to be kept under watch.

We reached our way downstairs, boxes of obvious drugs were stacked on top of one another like towers. I looked at one box that was not sitting on top of anything. It read 'Tempest Blue', I looked at Riot.

"I should buy some for Cotton", he smiled. "Blue for security, Gold for the silence, White for the might."

Is that what the rest of the colors do?

"What's pink?", I asked.

He responded by saying the whole rhyme. "Purple for the speed, Red for the ticker, Yellow for the lord--"

"The Lord?", I questioned. "I thought it was Mortality?"

"Same thing, just a different phase"

"What about pink?"

He looked back at me and sighed. "---Black for the road, Blue for the security, Gold for the silence, Pink for the lover"

The lover? What was that?

At the bottom of the floor was a large door. Riot went to knock on it. I gawked at him the whole time until the door opened. A fair-skinned woman opened the door, her eyes were vivid green and hair knotted. Are those suppose to be dreads? They looked really horrible.

"Riot", she sung.

"Lucy...", he looked down at me and then she looked at me. "Cute", she remarked. "Lighter than you"

"Yeah... but it's about her"


"She's pink... Frey might be dead, I don't know", said Riot.

Lucy looked at me again like she just witnessed a magic trick. "Pink for the lover..." she said. "Well, actually it sounds like Frey pulled a dirty trick on the poor girl unless you were planning to use a fake--"

"I'm not fake!", I shouted and kicked her in the knee.

"Ow!" She held her knee and jumped up and down. "She's emotional!"

"Yeah, I know", he smirked.

"Alright, come in", she gestured us inside.

I looked at Riot. "I don't like her", i mumbled.

"I'm sorry" and he pushed me inside.

There where less boxes in this room then outside but it the back corner where piles of money. She made herself a bed in this room which i assumed was an office.

"Where is your crew?", asked Riot.

"It's just me and Alfredo now. Everyone else overdosed", she said without any care.

Overdose is a scary word. I saw a woman overdose when i was four on the streets, she bleed a rainbow on the ground. The colors of red, yellow, purple even black. Just like the rhyme, Black is for last. They call it the suicide pill.

"So what you need?" She asked as she took out a lollipop.

"I need her to stay with you"


"Quiet Ave"

"No, you are not leaving me with this.... this... troll!"

"Excuse me?" Lucy raised her eyebrows.

"If you don't want me then say it! I'm not a pet, you didn't have to take care of me just because your brother wanted you to or because you wanted to give him a dying wi--"

He hit me. I've never felt physical pain like that. The slap of one's hand. That hurt. My eyes watered, he just looked at me with no regret.

"So, can you?"

Lucy was stunned by the fact he had clearly hit me and just shrugged it off. "Why?", She asked.

"Like i said, she's pink, pink for the lover, love with power and all that trash"

"I know...", she was conflicted. "You don't put your hands on a child, Riot! You and Frey have lack of emotion or maybe just you specifically because you have forgotten why she is even here"

"Shut up and give me an answer. Yes or No?"

"No" she crossed her arms. "Why would I?"

"To test her...", he looked down to the ground. "The pink pill is a wild card, you know that. It messes with the DNA", he stressed.

Lucy sighed heavily. "You put to much on my plate to handle. Can i think about it?"

"I was hoping you'd get her tested, check her DNA" he said. He squeezed my hand that i forgot he was holding, he bent down to my level, went into his pocket and pulled out a bandana. It read a faded out name. He wiped my face that was stained with tears.

He handed me the bandana, "Keep it", he said.

Lucy smiled faintly. "I can't keep her today, the guard suspect me. They patrol the area and scout at odd hours of the day."

Riot looked at me and rubbed his thumb over my hand. "You probably need a new place, that is if you haven't swallowed the whole spectrum"

She laughed. "I did a bit of color when I was 40, now look at me, younger than ever"

40? Do pills do that?

"Ya know what they say", she came towards me and pinched my cheek and said in a baby voice. "Green is for the youth"

I growled. She withdrew her hand away and turned to Riot. "Be safe on the way home" Purple for the speed.

Red for the ticker.

Yellow for the lord.

Black for the last.

Blue for the security.

Gold for the silence.

Pink for the lover.

Green for the Youth.

White for the might.

Brown for the sanity.

Spectrum pills are lethal and the main pills that are tampered with chemicals. I bugged Riot all day to talk to me about how pills work. He figured I might as well know since I've been dosed.

"You aren't clean anymore", he sat me down in front of him and told me. "You said you wanted to know about pills?"

I simply nodded. He sat back, scratched his eyebrow and gave a small grin at me. "Purple for the speed, it gives you a rush. Makes everything feel fast and enhances your awareness"

"Is that why it's Cotton's favorite?" I inquired.

He nodded back. "Red for the ticker, it's simply affects the heart, sometimes causes heart attacks and heart disease. It causes the organ beat fast"

"Don't you do Red?"

"Yeah..." he avoided my gaze. "Now that you mention it, i haven't had a pill today"

"If you skip taking a pill, how does your body react?"

"Your body wouldn't go right, it's so use to the affects it can't function without the drug. It gets dependant on the chemicals in the pill", he says.


"Yellow makes you super high, at least that's what stoner's say and religious people. They'll never accept it but high religious people do yellow daily. It makes them feel--"

"One with the lord?", I completed his sentence. He chuckled softly. "Yellow is just an old LSD trip"


"It's an old drug..." he said and proceeded. "Black, of course, is for well... suicide. That's roughly it and it's highly illegal also useless. As far as I know"

"The rest of the pills?"

"Um, Blue for security. I think it's related to strength really or the sense that nobody can stop you. I genuinely don't remember" he said. "Gold makes you silent... the pill that steals the voice. Pink is a wild card, it messes with your DNA. Green makes you young, like Lucy who's a forty year old white woman who runs a cartel"

I giggled. "Now might for the might... hmmm... well actually maybe white makes you feel strong. As of brown for the sanity. I don't know"

"Why did dad drug me?" I looked at him wanting a straight answer. He is just like him, he'll dodge my question.

He bit his tongue and sighed. "Pink for the love... It's really self explanatory. Frey... he... "

He just couldn't bring himself to say it. Something was blocking his will. He looked at me sadly, "You aren't his first daughter"

"Dad told me he wasn't sure", I said shocked. Dad lied to me?

"I think it sounds better saying he overdosed on pills", he got up from the chair and turned to leave. "He really did love you... even if you are artificial"

"Riot, what are you not telling me?"

He swayed his head. "You're my niece, and i...", he paused. "I guess I love you to and I'm sorry for being a rotten uncle Ave"

He left, leaving me in wonder. Who was father's second daughter? Did he drug me for legitimate purpose.

I'm six years old with the mind that works like a teenager. This is stressing me out, if I start questioning everything now, my head will hurt for days.

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